Property Management


When Riley Marshall manages your property we will collect rent each month and deposit it into your bank account after settling any bills and deducting our fee. We let you know exactly what is happening and issue you with a monthly statement. If you would like to speak to one of our team about our management services please call us on 0207 394 1160.


We issue a monthly statement to you by email so you quickly get the financial information you need. This includes copies of bills where appropriate, which are often tax deductible expenses and you can use these when filling in your annual tax returns.


An inventory will help to ensure your property stays in good condition throughout the letting history of your property. We always recommend our landlords have a full inventory and photographic record at the beginning of each tenancy. Riley Marshall can arrange inventories on your behalf through a specialist inventory clerk. 


All our managed properties benefit from a 24 Hour Maintenance Helpline which enables the tenant to get help in a genuine emergency using a unique code when calling. Where the situation is routine rather than an emergency it will be dealt with in normal hours to keep costs down, but if there is risk of damage to your property a qualified member of the maintenance team will call to make it safe. To discuss this service speak to our property management team on 0207 394 1160.


If tenants report maintenance issues we can arrange quotes from reliable tradesmen. Once agreed with you we can arrange for access for workmen and payment of their bills when the job is completed satisfactorily. We remain key holders for managed properties which allows maximum flexibility when it comes to maintaining your property. We also provide a 24 Hour Maintenance Helpline 0203 131 0080 for properties that are fully managed.


When tenants move into and out of your managed property we will advise the utility companies and the local council of the change of tenancy. This ensures the right person is listed on the bills, and ensures they are paid throughout the tenancy. It also saves you valuable time which would otherwise be lost on administrating this.


Sometimes there are awkward issues to resolve, such as non-payment of rent, maintenance disputes, or misunderstandings to resolve. In these instances we can act as middleman and mediator, to find a swift solution without you having to deal with it face-to-face.


When you need your property back you will need to serve the correct Legal Notices and follow strict legal guidelines to ensure you can get you property back in a timely way. Whether you want it back to live in, sell it or because there is a problem, we help you with that.


All tenants are asked to supply a deposit. Riley Marshall is registered with the Government-approved deposit schemes to protect your interests and ensure they are fairly distributed at the end, including making deductions if there is any damage or loss.


For the busy Landlord our management service deals with all the day-to-day questions and queries that crop up when a property is let. Allow us to do what we do best and benefit from our experienced service and our reasonable fees make it a ‘no brainer’. You maintain control of the tenancy but you have us on your side to handle the time-consuming tasks.