Buying Guide Step 3

Finding the Ideal Property

Tell us what you want and what you need

Decide what matters most to you when finding your dream home. Everyone’s needs are different but here is a list of some of the most common points.

  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Do you need parking?
  • Do you want separate sitting room and dining room?
  • Do you want a garden?
  • Are you prepared to renovate/redecorate?
  • How much are you prepared to spend on updating a property to your taste?

If you have these clear in your mind we will find it much easier to find you what you want, look and on which points you are prepared to compromise.

Once you register with us we will take note of your requirements and regularly update you on suitable new properties.

Check out the area

Make sure that transport, view amenities and schools are all available in the areas you are house-hunting.

You can get more information from the following websites:

The website Locrating is a good resource for finding out about schools and transport in your new area.

Use the Government website, prostate DirectGov, to find out what the council tax bandings will be in your new area.

See the Office for National Statistics website for information on population, crime, health care and housing.

Check out public transport details on the TFL (Transport for London) website

See the Environment Agency website to find out more about the local environment including pollution and areas at risk of flooding.

Buying a New Build Property

Riley Marshall has a reputation for being the go to agent in the area for new developments. New builds are popular with buyers because:

  • There are no repairs or refurbishments required
  • There is no decorating required
  • Developers who are registered with the National House Building Council (NHBC) provide a 10-year warranty
  • There is a shorter sales chain so the process is usually quicker.
  • They are generally more energy efficient than a traditional second-hand home.