Buying FAQ

Buying Frequently Asked Questions

10 Questions and Answers about Buying Property

Hopefully we have answered some of the most common questions about buying a property here, cost but if you want to discuss anything with us us please call us 0207 394 1160.

1. How do I buy a property?

For an easy guide to buying property procedure, cheap go to our Buying Process Guide, which explains how to buy your property the process of buying property and our buying property tips.

2. Making an Offer – How much should I offer?

You can offer any amount of money for a property, but most sellers will not consider your offer is serious if you go in too low. Talk to your negotiator about the sellers likely flexibility, and look at similar sales in the area, take into consideration how quickly they want to move, your own position and the particular benefits of the property.

3. Making an Offer – How do I make an offer?

Speak to the negotiator who arranged the viewing for you. They will ask you how much you want to pay, what your financial position is and what stage your own sale is at, if applicable. They will pass the offer onto the seller and come back to you with their decision.

4. Requirements for Buying a Property

There are very few rules to buying property in the UK. You will need to be over 18 and you will need funds, that is, a deposit plus mortgage or cash, and you will need to prove your identity.

5. I am buying a property to live in do you have any tips for me?

Check out our Buying a Property Checklist to make sure you have considered all the points you need to take account of, in order to be really happy with your new home. If you are buying as an investor – see below.

6. Buying a property – How much can I afford?

For advice on your budget for buying property you can contact our mortgage partners who will help you with a mortgage calculator based on your income and deposit – go to our Mortgage Information area.

7. Buying property how much deposit do I need?

Deposits vary depending on the Mortgage product you want. Most people will need to provide a 10% deposit but if you can raise 20% deposit or more then you can make great savings on your mortgage rate. Some Government Schemes allow you to put down a 5% deposit. If you would like more information please head over to our Mortgage Information page.

8. Buying a property as an investment

We deal with many professional landlords and developers so we are well-placed to give you advice on the process of buying property and renting it out. Call us on 0207 394 1160 and speak to our rental department for help and advice or email us. You will need to know how much rent a property can realise to be able to make accurate calculations. We are happy to give you advice on your preferred properties to make sure you will get the best return on investment.

9. I want to know about buying property and renting it out

For help and advice on which properties rent best, which are the most popular areas, and to get advice on the best way to prepare your property for rent please get in touch with our rental department 0207 394 1160.

10. As an Investor can you advise me on the best property portfolio strategy?

Yes we are happy to help you work out a strategy for property investment to spread your risk over different property styles and across different areas of London. Call our Sales Team on 0207 394 1160 for more information.

NOTE Buying Property in England and Wales

Scotland has different laws relating to buying and selling property so the information on this site relates only to buying properties in England and Wales and not the whole UK.