This is what our office looks like today. We are at 147 Trafalgar Road if you want to come in and visit us.

Anniversary celebrations 7 years

This is our team celebrating Riley Marshall’s seventh year. Outside in the courtyard at our Greenwich Office in the sunshine last week with a Braii and bubbly.

Office Panorama 4

This is what the old office looked like when we were in Surrey Quays. We still miss the views out across the quays, and feeding the ducks on the way to work in the morning.

The Team Surrey Quays

This is how the team looked when we were based a Surrey Quays. You can see what we mean about those views. This is real and not a backdrop of Canary Wharf – honestly! Mind you that was a very cold day and we are all doing our best to look relaxed and smiley.

First House sale

We had some good times at Surrey Quays. This was celebrating our first sale, when we branched out from dealing solely with property lettings and management to selling property across East and South East London too.

Christmas 2012

Here’s the team celebrating Christmas in 2013- we all look a bit demonic as the flash hits our eyes.

Movember 2012

Here are the Riley Marshall guys stepping up to do their bit for Movember 2012.

Office Panorama 1

This is the Surrey Quays office when we first moved in there.


Here is the Team from that time.

Team outing Paintballing

Here they are again – letting down their hair with a spot of paintballing. We take our job very seriously, but it is important to have some down-time too.

Office Home Office(1)

The first office with Directors, Stephen Riley and Bruce Marshall looking about six years younger.

Office First office

The home office – where it all began. After Stephen and Bruce arrived from South Africa with big ambitions and a business plan to move into property they set up together and the rest as they say is history…

Cars History of Riley marshall Fleet

Look at how the cars have changed in that time from the first ‘fleet car’ on the left, through to the newest logos in the middle, via the first sign-written vehicles on the right.

Team outing 29.05.2015 Lewisham

Here we are getting out and about at the Lewisham Street fair earlier this year.


Finally this is Stephen appearing with Cheryl Cole on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Take Away, and you can see the full story here.

As you walk down Trafalgar Road you will see our shop-front, and we always welcome visitors, so do pop in and see how we can help you achieve your property dreams.